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Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics is the most advanced way information can be transferred for your business at greater speeds and over longer distances than traditional copper wires or wireless systems. Our fiber optic cabling systems
provide a far superior bandwidth than copper and are
typically used for backbone connection between
localized networking equipment.

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Voice & Data Systems

Voice and data cabling is an important part of your business. Tri-State Voice & Data will work with you to craft a solution to fit all your specific needs. We will analyze, design, and implement the solutions that best ft your business while avoiding common mistakes that result in network bottlenecks, downtime, and other slowness.

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Telephone Systems

Whether you’re looking for a complete digital IP
telephony system to run a call center, a wireless
system for your ofce, or even a simple voicemail
module, we have the perfect solution for you. We will
assist in ongoing maintenance, upkeep, and training
for your telephone systems.

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Security Cameras

Why take chances at your business? Video not only deters
theft but it lowers worker's compensation claims. Video
surveillance is the perfect tool that helps you gain deep
insight and more efficiently manage your business.

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Access Control

Help limit and regulate who goes where and when
within your building. Protect your employees, assets
and information in real-time by controlling individual
access at all system controlled entry points which can
be doors, elevators, parking gates, or garage doors. No
matter how big or small you are, we offer seamless
integration of existing systems and future technology
to provide you with a superbly compatible access
control solution.

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Office Relocation

Moving...? Let us help your growing business transition
to your new location. With 17+ years of experience,
Tri-State Voice & Data is a full-service voice & data
technology company that gives your business turn-key
solutions from the beginning to the end of your move.
We will turn your business relocation into a fresh start
with better outcomes. Estimates and quotes are free.

Fiber Optics
Voice & Data
Telephone Systems
Security Cameras
Access Control
Office Relocaton
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