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Office Relocation

Office relocations don't have to be stressful.
Let us help you relocate your systems, servers, and technology with our trusted process.

Step 1: Schedule a Consultation

In the months leading up to your big move, preparation is key.
Our team will schedule a site visit with you at the new location in advance.
We will thoroughly review your new building's specs to ensure they meet your IT requirements and expectations. Our experts will then design the optimal layout for all of your technology.

Step 2: Evaluate Your Current Set-Up

Our team will get to know your current network and IT infrastructure inside and out. Knowing exactly how things will be structured in the new location will allow us the opportunity to inventory your equipment, list required upgrades and optimize your infrastructure. 

Step 3: Plan Your Set-Up

With the knowledge of your expectations, your new location, and your IT infrastructure, our experts will begin designing the optimal layout for all of your technology at the new location. Before moving day comes around, we will have a strategic plan in place for the new location.

Step 4: Move, Set-Up & Launch

When moving day finally arrives, we will have everything covered. We will safely and securely transport your IT infrastructure and data to the new office location. We will set-up and build out your ideal solution and we will stick around to troubleshoot any issues, as well as answer any questions. Let us handle the IT details while you focus on your people and customers.

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